Kandidly Kaptured

The Invincible Numbness

Todays society is really messed up in that we try to find the easiest ways to fix problems. We are too lazy to actually make a personal effort to do … Continue reading

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A forgotten form of dance: Tap!

In more recent years in the world of dancing contemporary and hip hop have become more popularized and one form of dance that is very unique and interesting has become … Continue reading

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5 AMAZING Coastal Destinations

I really don’t like the beach. I don’t like getting all sandy and the ocean scares me because of sharks and whatever, but I still consider myself to be a … Continue reading

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The most dishonest day of the year: APRIL FOOLS!

So, today was april fools day. All day I was trying to think of something to do to prank someone. I couldn’t think of anything until about 20 minutes ago. … Continue reading

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Ready to be terrified?

I am not the kind of person who loves scary movies. I actually hate them. I never watch scary movies, I refuse to. However, recently, I have found myself slightly … Continue reading

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What are our choices?

Choosing to write about choices was one of the millions of choices I made today. I chose what to eat for breakfast, I chose what to wear, I chose what … Continue reading

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A Fond Farewell to Configuration 2014

So this weekend was the closing weekend of my dance company’s annual company performance “Configuration.” This was my first year being in the senior company “Axis” for Configuration and this … Continue reading

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