Kandidly Kaptured

Stop and Smell the Roses


Since it’s Friday, and most people are happy and relieved to be done with all the work of this week, I thought I’d end the week on a light note. Some Friday inspirational thoughts for you to fathom.

First of all, I just want to acknowledge the lack of appreciation that we all have as a whole. We take a lot for granted and are sometimes blind to all the positives in our lives. I am extremely guilty of overlooking the positives in my life and letting all of the negatives consume my energy.

We get so involved in all of our emotions and complications that we aren’t able to get a rational perspective on things. Sometimes we forget to “stop and smell the roses” as some may say. There is a lot that we have to be grateful for. The fact that you have access to a computer or cell phone or whatever device you are reading this on right now is a privilege. So there’s at least one positive that you can appreciate.

Another thing that our generation seems to lack is the appreciation of other people. We are too impatient to stop and think about the ways that that strict teacher may be helping us or how that one annoying friend may really care about you. Instead of seeing the perks of having these different people in our lives, we lash out at them. Sometimes the people that you disregard the most are the ones who end up helping you the most, and therefore end up being the ones you appreciate the most.

Pausing and taking a deep breathe to put things into perspective really helps when you are overwhelmed with problems in your life. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, or hurt, or angry, of whatever, just taking a breath and finding something to appreciate, just at least one positive thing, can help you put things into perspective.

When you are yelling at your mom about how you don’t want to clean your room just stop and think “is this really worth it?” or when you are in a fight with your best friend or whatever your situation is, just take a step back and think about things in a more general ways. Just think: “In a year, Is this really gonna make a difference?” Maybe it will… or maybe it won’t… but at least you will have a more rational and valid perspective of the situation.

I know, personally, that I get upset with my friends and I think “Okay thats it I’m done talking to you!” but then, if the next day, they were crying or upset about anything, I would rush to their side to be there for them. Because I just needed a break to get things into perspective. Sometimes, people need space not because they don’t want to be around you, but because they need that space in order to appreciate you more.

It’s been a rough week, we are getting close to the end of the year and all these giant tests and the stress is very high, but just remember, you are all very important.

Take a deep breathe, smile, and you will survive.

Have a nice weekend 🙂


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