Kandidly Kaptured

Changes in Scenery

I was scrolling through my camera roll recently and I realized how many different pictures I have of different scenery. I feel so fortunate to be able to travel a lot as well as live in Santa Barbara. A lot of times people take for granted how lucky we Santa Barbarians are to live here. I wanted to share with you a few of the different photos I cam across while scrolling.


Driving down the mountain (Park City, Utah)


En route to LAX for travels (PCH)


Montecito Country Club Evening


Blurred Trees (Park City, Utah)


Rare stormy SB day

This may just seem like a random collection of random photos but finding these made me really reflect and appreciate how lucky I am to live where I do and how lucky I am to be able to travel. Changes in scenery and surroundings are really helpful for people to be able to feel free and escape from their problems at least temporarily. It is good to be able to forget about your problems for a while and be able to be yourself in a new environment. A change in scenery doesn’t necessarily have to mean traveling far. If your parents are fighting in your house and its stressing you out, just go do your homework in your backyard, or go to the beach, or to a park, or something. Just change it up a little to help keep your life refreshing and stress-free. I promise you, you won’t regret it!

See ya next time! 🙂


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