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Life magazine circa 1967 featuring Snoopy and my mom

So I have recently become very interested in looking into the past. Watching old video year books from my school, looking at old family photos, watching old family movies. I’ve just become curious about the history of things that are around me and people that are related to me. So I decided to search some for some old photos of my grandmother on my moms side. I had seen tons of photos of my grandfather at all ages but I had never seen any of my grandmother.

My mom told me to search a specific article from Life magazine to find what I was looking for. Now you may be wondering why there would be photos of my grandparents in Life magazine. Well, my grandfather is the famous cartoonist Charles M Schulz. If you don’t know him by his name, you may recognize him as the guy who drew Snoopy, Charlie Brown and all those other characters. Because of his successful career, my mom and her family were featured in time magazine when she was only 9 years old.

Here are the pictures that I found of the article in Life Magazine.


This is a picture of my grandfather with his dog Spike. Fun fact about this dog: it was in the guinness book of work records for eating nails and other construction tools… I know… it’s very weird.


So here we have my grandmother Joyce Doty, my grandpa Charles M Schulz (also known as Sparky) and my aunt Amy in the background…and that little girl in the front is my mom… how cute is she!?


This is my grandpa playing with their other dog. There’s actually a funny story about this dog. My mom (when she was 9 years old) asked for a puppy for Christmas. There was a certain puppy on her favorite TV show and she wanted hers to be exactly like that. On Christmas morning, she woke up and found this little puppy. But there was a slight problem. This one didn’t have a tail like the one on the show because this was a sheep herding dog. Lets just say, my mom was not very happy that Christmas morning.


Here is my mom, aunt Amy, and uncle Craig in the wagon with my mom’s Shetland pony named “Lu Lu Mae” pulling them. This is also the same horse that stepped on my moms face on thanksgiving when she was 11 and fractured her nose!



And these last two pictures are two of the only pictures I have seen of my grandparents together! Not to mention how young they were and how cool these pictures are!!!!


I hope you enjoyed my little display of family history I found! Try looking into your background when you get a chance! It’s really fun!










One comment on “Life magazine circa 1967 featuring Snoopy and my mom

  1. Anjum Ahmed
    April 11, 2014

    “Well, my grandfather is the famous cartoonist Charles M Schulz” You say that so casually! Wonderful images of Schulz there.

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