Kandidly Kaptured

Kandid Cooking

So today, after a two hour dance rehearsal with my two friends Kelby and Cassandra, we decided to come back to my house and watch movies and bake cookies. Today seemed like the perfect day to sit around in cozy clothes with warm cookies since the weather is a little gloomy. We were going to make peanut butter cookies, however, we realized that peanut butter cookie dough has to be refrigerated for 3 hours before baking and we are not patient enough to wait that long, so we ended up making chocolate chip cookies. I did most of the work baking since last time Kelby tried to help me bake, she forgot to put chocolate in the brownie mix which was a bit of a problem, and Cassandra just likes to sit and eat the cookie dough. My uncle is a professional chef, so he gave me this great chocolate chip cookie recipe that I use to make my cookies from scratch. I highly recommend using this recipe the next time you want to bake chocolate chip cookies because they always turn out amazing. Well, the cookies are in the oven now, and hopefully Kelby doesn’t mess them up. Once the cookies finish baking we are going to watch The Notebook which Kelby and I have never seen before. (I know, it’s terrible that I haven’t seen it.) Here’s some pictures I captured from our cookie adventure this evening for you to enjoy!

cassie + cookie dough = true love

cassie + cookie dough = true love

Don't mess it up Kelby

Don’t mess it up Kelby

the beloved cookie dough

the beloved cookie dough


2 comments on “Kandid Cooking

  1. anaisberman4
    February 12, 2014


  2. gabbyecht
    February 11, 2014

    sooooo you wanna bring me sommmmmeeeee?

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